My Easter

Hey guys,

So I was wrong about posting more, I actually ended up watching a whole load of ‘Arrow’ and it’s AWESOME!!

On Monday last week I went to see ‘Insurgent’ with my friends and half way through the electricity in the area went out so we had to go home and never saw the end of it!! ;(

Next Saturday I’m going to a theme park with my friends.

So my Easter’s kinda uneventful but I did watch a LOT of T.V!!

Lauren logging off…


Pretty Little Liars Outfits ~ Emily Fields

As you know from my “About Me” post, I’m kinda obsessed with Vampire Diaries. But, what you don’t know is that I also love PLL!! – (I’m soo excited for the big ‘A’ reveal next week) – Anyway, I’ve decided to talk about their outfits cus let’s be honest, they have really nice outfits. A lot of which, I wish I owned myself! I’ll be doing the outfits for each Liar but in different posts to make it look like I post more. I mean this blog is a bit of a fail cus I always forget to post. Of course, having to go to school and do homework does tend to take up a lot of time!

I’ll start with Emily Fields, cus she’s my favourite – obviously!

Emily has a casual and sporty style that I really like, I probably dress most like her. (not cus she’s my favourite, it’s just a coincidence!)

Here she’s wearing an acid-washed denim jacket that I really want for my birthday! Kinda winey-purple coloured pants and a navy top that i can’t see the writing on. I really love the dip-died hair in the half-pony tail too.

In this photo I love the black sleeveless jacket with the white top. She’s also wearing denim shorts, black boots, black hobo gloves (not sure if that’s the actual name for them, leave it in the comments if you know) and black necklaces.

 I’m pretty sure this is from the very first episode of PLL, it’s definitely the first season though… I think. Same as in the first two photos I picked to use for this post Emily’s wearing a denim jacket! The purple top and either black or very dark purple jeans go really well together. Then I’d say my friend would die if she got the white high tops!

Well that’s my post on Emily’s clothes. I don’t think it’ the best post ever but, I am working on it. If you have any suggestions on how I could make it better, please leave it in the comments. Or, if you just feel like saying something you can do that too! Oh! and if you have any ideas for another post, write that down too. I’m not sure when I’ll have the next post on the PLL clothes. It’ll be whenever I have time. I might post a bit more in a couple of weeks cus I’ll have my Easter Holidays so stay tuned!

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~About Me~

Hey I’m Lauren,

I did an introduction blog last week so now, I thought I’d do an “About Me” blog post. This is just a bit about me.


My favourite subject is geography, ‘cus it’s really easy.

My favourite singer is Ed Sheeran. I don’t have a favourite band ‘cus I love so many like; Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, All Time Low, Nickleback, You Me at Six and 5 Seconds of Summer.

I play hockey and I used to do karate and tennis.

I like reading, I don’t have a favourite book but the “Missing” trilogy would definitely be in the top 5!

My favourite animals are pigs and monkeys.

My favourite movie is always and will always be “Never Back Down” starring Sean Faris <3.

My favourite TV shows at the moment is “The Vampire Diaries”. I’ve kind of become obsessed with it!

I have three older brothers, a papillon called Max and two goldfish called Bob and Goldie.


I think that’s it about me,  if you have any questions or comments feel free to post them!!

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~Lauren 1.0~

Hey everyone!

I thought it might be a good idea to tell you guys a bit about how and why I decided to make a blog…

I started a blog for a school assignment, then I liked writing about anything and everything  so much I decided to share it with the whole world.

So, on this blog I’ll be talking about fashion, movies, TV, books and whatever the hell I want!!

I know this isn’t very long but it is my first proper blog post. If you want to learn more about me, I will do a quick ‘About Me’ post that you can check out if you want.

That’s it I guess, let me know what kind of stuff you might want me to post in the future in the comments.

Lauren logging off…